“You Will Never Beat The Race Track Unless

You Can First Beat The Daily Double”


AND, You Can Do This Even If You Have NEVER Been To A Race Before!



 finally came to this decision about ten years ago. If you cannot win the Daily Double it will be impossible for you to win at the Race Track. The main reason is, once you have conquered the Daily Double you now have the Race Track’s money to bet with and even if you make a few mistakes that day, it is still possible to overcome and still become a winner for that day. But you can’t afford to make those same mistakes betting your own money.


      About ten years ago I called it. Yes, even my friends said I called this unfair “rich get richer” economy that we are having and I knew I could never support my wife and kids if I kept my “9 to 5” job earning a measly $25,000 per year.


      I knew I had to find the answer to beating the Race Track. I knew it was impossible for me to beat the Race Track, using my money in later races. I knew if I could just win the Daily Double, I could win some real big money using track money for those later races.


      I worked almost ten years trying to find the answer to beating Daily Doubles.  Finally, I did put it all together.  It didn’t come easy.  But when I did, I made more money in one month, then I did on my “9 to 5” job all year.  When this happened I decided to quit my job and work on my Daily Double Secrets until I could absolutely perfect it.  I called it my Insta-Pro method and it didn’t take long.  Six months later and I conquered virtually every possible situation.


      Boy, I am sure glad I did, with this lousy economy we are having today, I would still be broke if I still had my “9 to 5” job.


      Secrets are funny things to come by.  Once you know them they seem so simple.  But trying to find them is a complete mystery.


      I’m willing to bet there aren’t more than ( 50 ) people in the entire world that even know my secrets exist.  Out of those ( 50 ) people there aren’t ( 10 ) that could put any of my four conditions together and come up with how I apply my unique Daily Double Secrets.  Racing itself contains many, many hidden factors.


      Some of the smartest and richest people in the world own horses and they still lose a bundle of money each and every year at the Race Track because of the absolute hidden factors about the horses.


      It’s nearly impossible for the average person to ever actually come up with my Daily Double Secrets. The reason for this is most people cannot look into the direction that I have focused on. Like I said before, trying to find the secret is a puzzle. But once the puzzle has been solved, it becomes very easy.


      Everyday at the Race Track there are at least ( 2 ) to ( 4 ) horses that are almost 98% sure winners. The problem is this. When using your own money to make the very first wager on one of those “sure things” and the horse should run into a mishap on the Track such as being blocked, bumped or the Jockey falls off; it will now become very hard for the average person to wager more of their own money and bet another sure thing.


      Betting another “sure thing” would become a difficult task using your own money, especially if it’s using the rent money.  This is why it is so important to win that Daily Double and start out with the Race Track’s Money.  I can remember just a short while back visiting Delmar in California after hitting a $160 Daily Double; only having it one time; I went on that day to win over $5,000 for that day and all I actually did was parlay a small portion of my Daily Double winnings into those later races. It’s absolutely amazing to watch for yourself to see my Daily Double Secrets in action.


      One day last week I was unable to visit the Race Track at all.  I went to my local O.T.B. Parlor and I smacked a Daily Double with a $10 bill that paid a whopping $274.  My only wish was that I could have

been physically at the Race Track that day. I was confident I could have parlayed a small portion of my Daily Double winnings into a small fortune, that same day.


      Many people will tell you that it is almost impossible to beat the Daily Double, telling you the Daily Double horses are usually the worse horses on the grounds. Well, I can tell you here and now that I can handicap any Daily Double Race before I would even want to handicap an Allowance or Stake Race.


      My reason behind this is that you can find many times in those Daily Double Races where one Specific horse can win by (5) lengths or more paying good prices.


      My Daily Double Secrets have been winning for me and fighting this bad job market for the past

five years. And now I want you to use it. I want you for the first time to share with me the great confidence that I have. I also want you to share with me in the thrill of winning week after week.


      I’m sure once you have read over my Daily Double Secrets, most of you are going to find it very, very hard to believe.  I don’t care if you have Never been to a Horse Race.  And, I don’t care how good a handicapper you think you may have been.  I will expose just (four) selection conditions that are the most powerful and I think are the most important in Horse Racing. These profitable conditions exist the most commonly for and which are significantly exposed in the Daily Double Races.


      However, I must warn you that there are also specific “indicators” that allow you to use my secret on Exacta and Trifecta / Triple plays as well.  Then, it’s like taking the Race Track to the cleaners.


      When the Daily Double Race opens, there is no absolute situation for anyone to observe as of yet. This is why my Daily Double Secrets are so important in Daily Double Races. And almost 80% of my Daily Double winners can win by over four lengths at the finish line.


      Once you have my Daily Double Secrets, you will astound many of your friends when you start beating those Daily Doubles on a very regular basis. Many of your friends may think you are the best handicapper in the world. And every day they could be asking you for more and more of your Daily Double selections.  I advise you to keep very quiet and go about your own business when collecting your winnings in a very secretive manner. Try not to draw much attention when collecting your winnings.  Buy your tickets on the first floor and collect your winners on the second floor.  I do this all the time.  Or, do it all on your computer if you’d like.  


      Remember, you can be collecting Daily Double winnings several times each week and sometimes even on a daily basis.  It won’t take you long before you can amass a small fortune. Once you do start using my Daily Double Secrets you will find that it will work on late day Races just as well, as there are very few Races it will tell you not to bother with.


      You will be winning so much money with my Daily Double Secrets when the selections come in that it may be possible for you in a very short time to quit your job and play the horses on a full time basis.  And, the best part is that you won’t even have to do this very long.  Playing the horses with my Daily Double Secrets can make you so much money, you can even give this up in a short while.


      That’s how confident I am, and you should be having this same confidence very shortly.

      Since I have printed a very few copies of my method, you may have a small problem obtaining one.  I cannot afford to expose my Daily Double Secrets to too many people.   Indeed, I am very concerned about the possible low payoffs for Daily Doubles. Because of this I cannot sell too many in any one area of the country.


      I’m sorry that I must do this, but I must protect the Daily Double payoffs.  So when you place your order you may receive the Daily Double Secrets or you may receive your money-order or check back uncashed.  So I would advise that as soon as you read this letter to send almost immediately, and try to be the first in your area to receive my powerful Daily Double Secrets.  Through the years many people have probably told you all about their great secrets. Only to find their secrets deal with some very trivial unimportant factor in racing and you really get nothing in exchange for your hard earned money.


      You won’t find this to happen with my Daily Double Secrets.  My Daily Double Secrets hit on the four

of the most important factors in horse racing, which has taken me the better part of five years to perfect by trial and error. Each one of these factors is hinged so importantly on the next that it would be almost impossible for anyone to become a winner without putting them all together.


      Recently for my own curiosity, I purchased the Daily Racing Form just to see how long it would take to actually handicap TWO entire cards at two different Race Tracks. I picked “TWO” Race Tracks, Aqueduct and Monmouth. I started at 11:00 O’clock in the morning, had coffee and was done at 12:00 O’clock.


      Two complete cards at TWO different Race Tracks were handicapped within (1) hour, using all Four Factors of my Daily Double Secrets. And I not only picked the Daily Double at both Race Tracks, but I picked ( 3 ) more winners at the Race Tracks.


      Daily Double WINS can now come easy. You may not think so right now. But once you put my Secrets to work you will see for yourself how easy it really is. It won’t even matter in most cases how much class or speed some horses have; if they don’t have all four of my conditions these types horses can have no chance whatsoever.


      In just a very few minutes that it will take, you will know almost immediately if the Daily Double is beatable for that day. Once you know it is beatable, you will be able to play it with extreme confidence. When this happens you can sit back and enjoy the race and watch the horses race on to victory. And then you can go on for the day winning small fortunes, as I have done and still do every time I feel like making nice money.


      This is an example of potential Daily Double wins you can expect each week.



VERCOUNTESS                                   AND 

JOHNSON CREEK.....................................$207.60

FRED ‘N GINGER                                 AND

MORE THAN HEART................................$107.00

PURE CHANPAGNE                              AND

ROYAL CARGO........................................................$36.60

MASTER OF CEREMONY                      AND

BOLDLY YOURS........................................................$66.60



 My total investment to hit these above Daily Doubles, including the two that I lost during that week totaled $90.  Each of the   above, Daily Doubles were hit with a $5 bet and I had a $954.50 profit for that week in just Daily Double bets alone.


      Now, I’m going to make a very positive statement. If it were physically possible for me to be at (8) different Race Tracks in the past week, I could have won and I state this flatly, the same amount of Daily Doubles at all those different Race Tracks, because I feel I have the most Powerful Daily Double Secrets in my method in the entire world.


      There is probably nothing 100% foolproof when it comes to race horses but you must believe me when I say my Daily Double Secrets are probably as perfect as anyone will ever get. The Races are very easy to beat once the Daily Double is beaten. And, you will make a very good living once you learn to beat them as well.


      If you are lucky enough and receive my Secrets ( and not your money back ) and use my Daily Double Secrets in the exact way they are shown, you can be on your way making serious money in a very short time. And it’s about time for you to start winning and start making that money with these easy Daily Double Secrets.


   My rules for my Daily Double Secrets are so SIMPLE it will probably take you less than half an hour to learn all FOUR of the factors, and then be on your way picking winners that are practically sure things.


      I think my Daily Double Secrets are the most unbelievable breakthrough in racing history. And it really doesn’t matter if you don’t know anything at all about Horse Racing, or you have been a poor handicapper in the past, or if you don’t believe you can ever make much money at the Race Track.  These Secrets are as sure as the sun rises in the morning.


      You will know immediately that almost nothing can possible go wrong.  It’s been proven over the past Five Years. And, if you give me a chance to prove to you it is very possible to beat the Race Track by simply beating the Daily Double, you will never buy another system in your entire life again.  Because my Insta-Pro Daily Double Secrets are all you will ever need.


      Now, here’s what I want you to do. I want you to order my system right now at this very moment. If you are lucky enough to receive my Daily Double Secrets, take it to your Race Track, O.T.B. (or use your computer) and make sure that it does exactly what I have told you. This system is fully guaranteed for your protection. Try it now and strike while the iron is hot.


      Do anything you must to make it lose, I’m betting you can’t, but if you aren’t able to win Daily Doubles, just sent it back to me. But please let me see a few days that haven’t produced exactly as I have promised.  And if it’s possible that you can actually show me that my Daily Double Secrets haven’t picked ( 3 ) or (4 ) Daily Doubles at your Race Track that week; I will RUSH you back your fee immediately.  Plus, I’ll give you a full sixty (60) days to prove me wrong. So please, rush out that Order Coupon, enclose your payment and I will Rush your Daily Double Secrets to you as fast as possible.


      As an added BONUS to my Daily Double Secrets, I am going to show you exactly how to beat the horses with what I call my secret “Cash-Streak Super Plays”.   This can help Psyche your mind to a perfect point of winning.  Now, it’s your turn to take the bull by the horns and win big at the Daily Doubles.        


Please let me hear from you soon...



       Yours For The Daily Doubles,


             Tommy Lake


              Tommy Lake


P.S. – Please Order as soon as possible so you can be the first in your area winning cash at the daily doubles every week.  PLUS, I will even include Two (2) Casino Busting Secrets with your order! 


 Order Daily Double Secrets Insta-Pro

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